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Expectations of Parents

Our parents are very important to our team! Your thoughtfulness and good sense is appreciated in following the guidelines listed below:

  • Parents are expected to complete all the necessary steps to register their swimmer(s) for the team and for each meet of the season.
  • Parents are expected to be engaged and supportive. This includes fulfilling financial and service obligations to the team in a timely manner.
  • Parents are expected to be respectful and cooperative when interacting with coaches, swimmers, volunteers, and other parents.
  • Parents are expected to have their swimmer(s) arrive on time and prepared for practices and meets.
  • Parents are to remain in the designated spectator areas during practice times. To protect swimmers and coaches and for other liability purposes, parents are prohibited from being on the pool deck during practices.
  • Parents are expected to employ the 24-hour rule prior to contacting coaches and/or board members with an issue or concern (as in, give the issue 24 hours of consideration prior to sending an email/making a phone call).


The success of the swim team depends on the combined efforts of the swimmers parents and guardians, in addition to the efforts of the swimmers themselves. Swim meets are organized and run by parent/guardian volunteers. The expectation for each family is to provide a volunteer, over 16, for a minimum of 4 points during the regular season and ADDITIONAL events, as needed, for semis and finals. 

Some meet positions require experience and training. Others just require a brief orientation or short instructional meeting before the meet begins. Volunteers should arrive early and check in during warm-ups. You will receive instructions or be advised to listen for announcements of meetings for various volunteer groups just before the meet begins. Inform the SWIM TEAM BOARD, in advance, if you CANNOT meet your volunteer commitment for a specific meet. YOU MUST FIND YOUR OWN REPLACEMENT!

PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING THEIR CHILD TO THE BLOCK FOR HIS/HER EVENT!! The current and on deck event numbers are posted on the event board throughout the meet.

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