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About Piranhas

The Pinecrest Swim Team is directed and organized by the Swim Team Board. The Board includes President, Secretary, Treasurer and board members. The board sponsors the team in a competitive summer (late May - mid July) swimming program. The Pinecrest Swim Team is affiliated with the Greater Dayton Swimming Association (GDSA). Since 1957, the Pinecrest Swim Team has been a member of the GDSA. Any Pinecrest Swim Club or Swim Team Only members between the ages of 4 - 18(Age 19 if following Senior year) on June 1st are eligible for the team. 

The following five teams belong to the GDSA: Crestwood, Fair Valley, Four Seasons, Marinole, and Pinecrest. Representatives from each of the five teams comprise the governing body of the organization. This group meets several times during the year to plan for the summer swimming season. 

Six-year olds and under must be able to stay in the pool comfortably on their own without moment to moment supervision. Children seven years and up must be able to complete one length of the pool swimming freestyle. If the coaches feel a child is not at these minimum levels, they will recommend the appropriate swimming lessons with the opportunity to participate on the swim team when the necessary skill levels are reached. 


The purpose of the PINECREST SWIM TEAM is as follows:

  • Improve swimming techniques
  • Build team spirit
  • Help develop attitudes of good sportsmanship
  • Learn to compete fairly
  • Make participation an enjoyable experience for the swimmers

Goals of the swim team board:

  • Establish clear policies and rules
  • Hire, advice, & monitor coaches’ performance.
  • Encourage the swimmers to concentrate on doing their best and enjoying the competition – win or lose.
  • Encourage the swimmers to cheer for their teammates and congratulate them on their performance.
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